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Producing, AD and UPM Credits

Interested in seeing more of my work? Please get in touch and I’ll be glad to share some more pieces with you. Keep Reading to see some of my more specific job responsibilities.

Project Credits: Work

Kiki and the Ghost | Producer

Produce the 10-minute long USC Senior Thesis Capstone project Kiki and the Ghost. Build the crew, give script notes, manage $12,000 budget, schedule 20+ crew, actors (including a minor with studio teacher), and supervise post-production.

Directing Credits

All project credits are available to watch upon request.



USC Junior Thesis Film. A competative Irish dancer gets caught sneaking out of the studio to meet her crush at the homecoming game by her mother, the studio owner.

Mrs. Unicorn


USC Short film creadted during the height of the pandemic. Family friendly heart-warming short that follows a young girl's relationship with her stuffed unicorn as she grows up.



USC Documentary Short. Explores the life of Natasha Zinda AKA "Zombaekillz" who is a political activist, streamer, and content creator that uses her gaming platform to bring awareness to social justice issues.



Independent Short. Wren uses a new VR-like dreaming technology called LUCID to spend time with her recently deceased boyfriend and loses herself and sense of reality in the immersive grieving method.

Project Credits: Projects
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